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France Team Takes Precautions to Stop a Virus Spread

The World Cup Final is closing in, but it’s revealed that some players are not feeling well. According to Didier Deschamps, the France team is taking precautions to prevent a virus from spreading through the squad before the final match.

The first sign of the virus was when Dayot Upamecano and Adrien Rabiot didn’t show up in the semi-final match. Apparently, the duo had been feeling ill for the past few days.

So far, Upamecano returned to training on Tuesday but was stuck on the bench against Morocco. Rabiot, unfortunately, was left back at the team hotel. According to sources, the player was told to stay in his room.

Deschamps also revealed that Kingsley Coman was feeling feverish. There is no confirmation on what virus is affecting the players, but there are speculations that the local weather is the cause. Reports stated that many visitors to Qatar have struggled with the Middle East respiratory syndrome. A result of this is flu-like illness ranging in severity.

When talking about the ill players, Deschamps stated, “We’ve had a few cases of flu-like symptoms. We are trying to be careful so it doesn’t spread and players have made great efforts out on the pitch and obviously their immune systems suffer.”

The manager also talked about how the team would get back to work tomorrow and focus on preparing for the match. 

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