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How Much will the 2022 World Cup Teams Take

For this year’s World Cup, FIFA will dish out $440 million in prize money which is $40 million more than the prize money for the 2018 World Cup. The prize money is based on the finances FIFA gains from hosting the tournament.

In addition to the $1.5 million teams earn for qualifying for the World Cup, they will receive cash depending on which stage of the tournament they’ve reached.

This year, Argentina or France will take home $42 million if they win the World Cup while the runner-up will earn $30 million. Morocco and Croatia who go face to face in the 3rd place playoff and will be playing for $27 million with the loser taking home $25 million.

As for the teams eliminated in the Group Stage, they will earn $9 million each. Team that made the round of 16 and were eliminated will each earn $13 million each and losing quarter-finalists will earn $17 million each.

As for the players, they will be paid depending on the decision of their nation’s football associations. Some may distribute the money based on player appearances while some others may split it evenly.

Some players have already pledged their World Cup earnings to certain causes. Canada’s Alphonso Davies and Germany’s Antonio Rudiger have both pledged to donate their earnings to charities while the German national team will be donating $1 million to a SOS Children‘s village in Nepal.

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