Indore Pitch Rating Upgraded to “Below Average” by ICC

Cricket fans around the world are buzzing with news that the rating for the Indore pitch used for the recent India-Australia Test has been upgraded to “below average” after an appeal by the Indian cricket board. The International Cricket Council (ICC) had initially rated the pitch “poor” after the match ended midway on day three with Australia winning by nine wickets.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) filed a review appeal to overturn the rating and three demerit points, and it seems their efforts have paid off. The ICC announced that the appeal panel reviewed the footage of the Test match and “deemed that there was not enough excessive variable bounce to warrant the ‘poor’ rating”.

This new rating now has only one demerit point, which is a significant improvement from the previous rating. However, if a venue accumulates five or more demerit points, it is suspended for 12 months from hosting any international cricket, so the BCCI will need to be careful with their pitch selections in the future.


The recent Test series between India and Australia was highly anticipated by fans around the world, and while India won the opening two Tests, the fourth and final game ended in a draw, giving India the series win at 2-1. The series was filled with thrilling moments and controversies, and the Indore pitch was one of the most hotly debated topics.

Cricket fans and experts alike have strong opinions on what makes a good pitch, with some advocating for a pitch that provides an even contest between bat and ball, while others prefer a pitch that heavily favors the home team. The Indore pitch was criticized by many for being too heavily skewed in favor of the bowlers, with vicious turn making it nearly impossible for batsmen to play their shots.

Regardless of whether the pitch was fair or not, the fact that the BCCI was able to appeal the rating successfully shows the power of the cricket boards in shaping the game. It will be interesting to see how this affects future pitch selections and whether other boards will follow suit in appealing unfavorable ratings.

For now, fans can bask in the afterglow of a thrilling Test series and look forward to more exciting cricket matches in the future. Whether it’s a hard-fought battle between two rivals or a lopsided affair, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of cricket.


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