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Jose Gimenez Faces Potential 15-Game Ban

When Uruguay failed to make the knockout stage, even after winning 2-0 against Ghana, the team was furious. As a response to their exit, several players decided to show their anger with Jose Gimenez leading the charge. The altercation resulted in Gimenez elbowing an official. Because of this, the Uruguay player is now facing an accusation of “conduct that discredits football” by FIFA.

Since Gimenez had led the altercation, FIFA ‘s report stated that he had violated articles 11 and 12 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. According to Article 12, the player could be punished with “at least 15 games or one period appropriate time for assaulting (elbowing, punching, kicking or biting; spitting, hitting, etc.) a match official”.

Another accusation levelled at the defender related to offensive conduct and violation of the principles of fair play having “insulted a natural or legal person in any way, especially through offensive language or gestures”. This stemmed from the fact that a camera had caught Gimenez unleashing a curse filled rant about the referees.

“They [the referees] are all a bunch of thieves these sons of b***hes,” he screamed. “Yes, record me. Son of a b***h.”

The Uruguayan Federation, as well as the player, have ten days to respond to the allegations.

Uruguay’s elimination in the group stage was a result of South Korea producing a shocking late win. Due to their superior goal difference, they were ensured a place in the last 16 and knocking Uruguay out.

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