Lionel Messi Receives Retirement Warning

Amid the speculations about Messi’s future, the football star received a warning that he may have to retire from international duty with Argentina to secure a contract extension at Paris Saint-Germain.

What’s Going On?

Messi’s current contract with the French giants has four months left. Currently, there is no official confirmation that he will continue to stay at Parc des Princes, and numerous speculations have emerged regarding his potential return to Barcelona.

Reportedly, Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi met with club president Joan Laporta.

On Barcelona’s end, Xavi, the manager of Barcelona, stated that he is in constant communication with Lionel Messi and is willing to welcome him back to his childhood club.

Because of all these speculations, Ludovic Giuly, who also played for PSG and Barcelona, spoke out. Giuly warned that Messi may have to turn his back on Argentina to extend his stay in the French capital.

“It will be necessary to be aware that Leo (Lionel Messi) will no longer be able to play all the matches. It will sometimes be necessary to rest before Champions League matches, for example,” Giuly told reporters.

PSG Status

So far, reports only say that Messi’s father and PSG are in contract talks, but the club is keen to keep the forward in the French capital. However, the Ligue 1 champions have also been warned by ex-France international Jerome Rothen that extending Messi’s contract would be a “very bad idea.”

Giuly, meanwhile, believes that PSG should offer the 35-year-old a contract extension, while being careful in managing his playing time, particularly concerning his international commitments with Argentina.

The player emphasized that PSG must do everything in its power to retain the forward, given his exceptional performances at the 2022 World Cup, where he led Argentina to triumph in Qatar.


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Messi’s Response

When questioned about his plans for the future, Messi recently stated that he is willing to represent his country at the next World Cup, which will take place in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2026, despite acknowledging that it might be challenging.

Messi added that his future will depend on how his career is going. However, Messi once admitted in an interview that there’s “nothing left” to achieve at an international level, having also won Copa America in 2021.

“I got everything in my career, individually. It was about closing my career in a unique way. I never imagined that all this was going to happen to me when I started, and getting to this moment was the best. I have no complaints, and I can’t ask for more,” he said.

PSG and Barcelona’s Upcoming

Outside of the speculations on Messi’s future with the clubs, PSG and Barcelona are preparing for upcoming matches.

PSG’s next match is on February 27, and it’s against the Marseille football club for Ligue 1. PSG is currently first in the league standings, and the league is in its 25th out of 38th matchday.

Meanwhile, Barcelona will have a match against Manchester United for the Europa League on February 24.

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