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5 Unbroken Cricketer Records

Every sport has its list of players with incredible records, and cricket is no different. Over the years, there have been several players who have made spectacular achievements. Some of them even made records that seem unbeatable until now. These are just some of the stunning players that have managed to maintain unbroken records: 


Sachin Tendulkar


Many cricket players remain giants in the cricket community even after retirement, and Sachin Tendulkar is one of them. He is currently the only person to achieve 34,357 runs and 100 centuries in his cricket career. 


Sachin began playing cricket at the age of eleven. Then he made his debut for the Indian national team at sixteen.


Nicknamed “The Little Master” and “Master Blaster,” Tendulkar gained recognition as one of the greatest batsmen for his record. Tendulkar retired from international cricket in 2013 but remains the leading run-scorer in Test and One Day International cricket.


Muttiah Muralitharan


Just as there is a cricket legend with an unbroken run record, there is a player with an unbroken wickets record. That player is Muttiah Muralitharan. During his international career, Muralitharan amassed 1357 wickets. Muralitharan is considered one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history, having an average of over six wickets per Test match. 


Through his mastery of spinning deliveries, he secured a place in the top bowler’s list; even years after his retirement, no other bowler has come close to his record.


In addition to an unbroken record, Muttiah achieved a spot in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. After retiring in 2010, Muttiah became a Sri Lankan cricket coach and businessman.


Rohit Sharma

While there are players with records that span all cricket formats, there are also amazing players who made achievements in specific formats. In the ODI (One Day International) format, Rohit Sharma continues to hold the record for the most runs in a single ODI innings since 2014. During that match, he achieved the record in 173 balls during an ODI series against Sri Lanka. 

He is one of the few players with an unbroken record but is not retired. Sharma is known for his timing, elegance, six-hitting abilities, and leadership skills. Currently, he plays for India’s men’s cricket team in all formats.

Don Bradman

There is one record that remains unbroken even after decades, and that is Don Bradman’s batting average of 99.94. Don Bradman was an Australian cricket nicknamed “The Don” and had a career that ran from 1928 to 1948. 

He is known as a batting legend with a classy technique and has been claimed by Brett Hutchins to be the greatest achievement by a sportsman in a major sport.

Jim Laker 

Jim Laker makes the list for achieving the unbroken record of the most wickets in a single Test match. He achieved the record in a Test series against Australia in 1956 and picked up 19 wickets. To this day, no one has surpassed his remarkable bowling figure of 68-27-90-19, which is widely recognized as the greatest bowling performance ever.

The only one who came close to beating this record was Yasir Shah, who picked up 14 wickets in 2018. 

While there are plenty of rising stars in cricket today, the chances of players beating the records above remain low. 


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