10 Best Last Minute Goals in Football History


10 Best Last Minute Goals in Football History

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Some football games can run either very fast, or very long, but a goal shot at the right time can make all the difference. Sure, some players make an amazing goal or shoot the ball very fast, but one type of goal that has people cheering is a goal that enters the net at the last minute. Even if the game goes into a penalty shoot-out, a last-minute goal can be rather exciting. There are many games with exciting goals that happen in the last minute and these are just some of the best ones that happened in football history:
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Arsenal VS Liverpool (2001 FA Cup Final)

In a thrilling FA Cup final, Liverpool emerged victorious, thanks to a crucial goal by Michael Owen in the last 5 minutes. This goal not only secured the cup for his team but also solidified Owen’s position among the greatest football players of all time. With its remarkable timing and impact, this goal undoubtedly deserves recognition as one of the top 10 best last-minute goals in the history of football.

Bayern Munich VS Manchester United (1999 UEFA Champions League Final)

The 1999 UEFA Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Manchester United showcased a memorable comeback by the English club. After conceding a goal from Mario Basler’s free-kick, Manchester United faced a 1-0 deficit. Determined to turn the tide, they took control of the ball right from the kickoff.

In a dramatic turn of events, Teddy Sheringham passed the ball to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who found the net at 92:17, securing an equalizer for his team. This astonishing goal caught Bayern Munich off guard, preventing them from regaining momentum and ultimately resulting in Manchester United’s victory. Solskjær’s goal in the dying moments of the match has earned its place as one of the greatest last-minute goals in football history.

Manchester United VS Bayern Munich (1999 Champions League)

The iconic matchup between Manchester United and Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final produced one of the most memorable last-minute goals in football history. Bayern Munich took the lead in the sixth minute with a freekick by Mario Basler. With Bayern seemingly on their way to victory, the assistant referee signaled for four minutes of added time.

In the 91st minute, Teddy Sheringham scored a crucial volley from a David Beckham corner, forcing the game into extra time. The drama continued as Manchester United earned another corner, with Beckham once again delivering from the outside position.

In the 92nd minute, Sheringham’s header found Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who netted the winning goal, sealing a remarkable comeback for Manchester United. The impact of the goal was so devastating for Bayern that they were unable to regroup and continue playing.

This triumph in the Champions League secured Manchester United’s place in history as the first English team to achieve the international treble. Among the countless last-minute goals, Solskjaer’s strike against Bayern Munich in 1999 stands out as an exceptional and unforgettable moment in football.

West Ham VS Liverpool (2006 FA Cup Final)

The 2006 FA Cup Final between West Ham and Liverpool is widely regarded as one of the most thrilling finals in the history of the tournament. In the first half, Liverpool found themselves trailing by two goals, but they made a remarkable comeback in the second half to level the game. However, West Ham’s Paul Konchesky scored to put his team back in the lead.

At this point, Liverpool’s star player, Steven Gerrard, began to suffer from cramps. Despite the discomfort, Gerrard unleashed a stunning strike from 37 yards out, equalizing the match in the 91st minute. This goal left the West Ham players in disbelief, and the match ultimately went to penalties, with Liverpool emerging as the victors.


Greece VS England (2001 FA World Cup Qualifiers)

In the 2001 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers match between Greece and England, the English team found themselves trailing 2-1 after 69 minutes. With Germany also struggling in their match, England only needed a draw to secure their place in the World Cup finals. In a moment of brilliance, the renowned footballer David Beckham scored a crucial goal in the 93rd minute.

This goal not only leveled the score but also guaranteed England’s qualification for the World Cup finals.

Arsenal VS Liverpool (1989 Premier League Champions Finals)

The 1989 Premier League Champions Finals between Arsenal and Liverpool was a decisive match for both teams. Arsenal needed to win the game 2-0 to claim the title and prevent Liverpool from securing the league championship. As the game reached its final moments, Arsenal held a narrow 1-0 lead.

In a crucial turn of events, Michael Thomas received the ball and scored another goal, extending Arsenal’s lead to 2-0. This goal not only sealed the victory for Arsenal in that match but also ensured their triumph in the league, denying Liverpool the championship. Thomas’ late goal proved to be a pivotal moment that helped Arsenal clinch the title.

Liverpool VS West Ham United (2006 FA Cup Final)

The 2006 FA Cup final between Liverpool and West Ham United marked the 125th edition of the prestigious tournament and is fondly remembered as “The Gerrard Final” due to the remarkable performance of the legendary player. Liverpool found themselves trailing by two goals as early as the 30th minute. However, West Ham extended their lead to 3-2 with a goal from Paul Konchesky.

In a display of sheer determination, Steven Gerrard scored Liverpool’s second goal but suffered from cramps in the final minutes. In the 91st minute, Gerrard unleashed a sensational long-range strike, leveling the score at 3-3 as the commentator indicated four minutes of added time. Gerrard’s goal shattered West Ham’s morale, and after extra time and a penalty shootout, Liverpool emerged victorious, claiming their seventh FA Cup triumph.

Real Madrid VS Athletico Madrid (2015 UEFA Champions League Final)

The highly anticipated clash between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final at Estadio da Luz was a thrilling and tense affair. Atletico Madrid, seeking their first championship in the competition, took the lead in the first half when Diego Godin capitalized on a mistake by Casillas. As the clock ticked down in extra time, Real Madrid feared their chance to secure La Decima slipping away.

Luka Modric took charge of a corner kick, but Ronaldo’s failed attempts left the game seemingly out of reach. However, in the 93rd minute, Sergio Ramos soared high and scored a crucial header, leveling the score and propelling Real Madrid into overtime. Real Madrid seized control in the additional period, scoring three goals against Atletico. Gareth Bale opened the scoring, followed by Marcelo’s contribution. In extra time, Ronaldo converted a penalty, sealing a resounding 4-1 victory for Real Madrid.

England VS Greece (2002 FA World Cup Final)

In the qualifying match between England and Greece for the 2002 World Cup, England secured their spot in the finals with a tie against Mexico. Despite Teddy Sheringham scoring for England in the 68th minute, they found themselves trailing Greece 2-1 in stoppage time. Failing to secure a victory would mean facing a challenging playoff against Ukraine.

However, David Beckham, despite having missed five consecutive free-kicks, had other plans. Known for his clutch performances, Beckham stepped up for England once again. In a thrilling qualifying encounter at Old Trafford, the captain scored a sensational free-kick in the 93rd minute. Beckham’s goal not only restored his status as a national hero but also propelled England to two consecutive World Cup appearances. This iconic goal holds a prominent place in football history and ranks third among the top 15 goals scored in the final minute of a football game.

Manchester City VS Queens Park Rangers (2011 Premier League Champions Finals)

The 2011-12 Premier League season witnessed an exhilarating battle for the league championship, particularly between Manchester City and Manchester United. With just one game remaining, both teams were tied for first place on the points table. In a crucial match against Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City found themselves trailing 2-1. However, in the dying moments of the game, Edin Dzeko scored a crucial header in the 90+2 minute, equalizing the score to 2-2.

Manchester United, thinking they had secured the title with their own victory, watched as City drew against QPR. Little did they know that a remarkable twist awaited them. In the 93rd minute and 20 seconds, Sergio Aguero struck an unforgettable goal, clinching a 3-2 victory for Manchester City. This dramatic goal ended City’s 44-year wait for a league championship and remains one of the most memorable and thrilling last-minute goals in football history.


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