Gavi Makes Head First Tackle in La Liga Match

Football fans were left in awe as Gavi produced a moment of sheer bravery during Barcelona’s latest La Liga encounter. The 18-year-old midfielder attempted to block a pass with his head, putting his body on the line for the team not once but twice. 


In the first half, Gavi’s diving tackle to stop a pass from Dani Garcia saw his head come perilously close to the defender’s foot, as he cleared the ball away. Not content with just one near miss, he followed it up with another knee-high challenge in the second half.

100% GAVI

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 13, 2023

Gavi and Phil Jones

Gavi’s challenge immediately drew comparisons to Phil Jones, who famously prevented Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud from scoring with a heroic head-first block during a match back in 2015. 

Puyol was known for his fearless approach on the field, and he was never one to shy away from putting his body on the line. Italy legend Franco Baresi once said Puyol would put his face where any other player would be scared to put his foot. 

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And, who can forget that incredible save in El Clasico when Puyol sprinted back to the goal line to head away a trademark blaster from Roberto Carlos?

Despite the potential dangers of such a risky maneuver, Gavi’s bravery was ultimately rewarded, with Barcelona securing a vital 1-0 victory over Athletic Club. 


Response to the Daring Move

Gavi’s bravery did not go unnoticed, as Barcelona legend Carles Puyol applauded the youngster’s commitment on Twitter. The former defender, who made nearly 600 appearances for Barca and won three Champions League titles, posted a series of clapping emojis in response to the first challenge.

Fans were equally impressed, with many commending the midfielder’s dedication to the team. Some called him “superb” and “something else,” while others demanded “respect” for his fearless attitude.

However, some fans were left worried about the potential risks of such a reckless challenge.

One fan commented on the footage, saying: “The way Gavi is diving in head first for balls that are at foot height, it’s almost like he’s trying to get decapitated.” While another wrote: “Can Gavi stop diving forward with his head? Brave and all, sure, but it’s just not very wise.”

Despite the worry, Gavi’s performance has kept the Catalan giants nine points clear of Real Madrid at the top of the Liga table, further cementing their status as one of the best teams in the world.

What’s Next for Barcelona

Barcelona will now face Real Madrid in a crucial El Clasico clash on Sunday. A victory would extend their lead to 12 points with just 12 games left to play, putting them in a strong position to wrap up the title race before the end of March. 

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will be looking to defend their 5-2 Champions League advantage over Liverpool in the second leg of their last 16 ties on Wednesday.

With no European football to contend with after their Europa League exit to Manchester United, Barcelona will be looking to focus all their attention on securing the La Liga title this season. And with young stars like Gavi showing their unwavering commitment to the team, their chances of success look increasingly promising.


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