Jude Bellingham’s magnificent start at Real Madrid


Jude Bellingham’s magnificent start at Real Madrid

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Jude Bellingham’s entrance into the world of Real Madrid was met with a mix of excitement and doubt. At just 19, he was already celebrated as one of Europe’s brightest talents when he joined Los Blancos in a high-profile move. The departure of club legends Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo raised questions about how Bellingham would handle the pressure of one of the world’s premier football clubs. However, his initial outings with Real Madrid left no room for uncertainty. Bellingham swiftly made his mark, displaying remarkable versatility, tactical finesse, and an astonishing goal-scoring record.

Picture this: you’re a teenager moving to a foreign country to play for a club aiming to dethrone giants like Bayern Munich and Barcelona. You’ve become a fan favorite, worn the captain’s armband for your country in a World Cup, and secured a massive transfer to Real Madrid – all before turning 20. This whirlwind journey was Jude Bellingham’s reality over the past three years. Not only did he rise to the occasion time and time again, but he made it all appear surprisingly effortless.

While several of Europe’s top clubs vied for Bellingham’s signature in the summer of 2023, it was Real Madrid that secured him in a deal worth an initial €103 million, potentially rising to €134 million. So far, he’s been worth every penny.

One Saturday, Bellingham added another memorable chapter to his burgeoning career. Having already found the net in his first three appearances for Real Madrid, his La Liga debut at the Santiago Bernabéu showcased his ability to deliver when it matters most. Getafe led 1-0 at halftime, and an early second-half equalizer from Joselu leveled the score – but just when it seemed like Real Madrid might drop their first points of the season, Bellingham stepped in. He seized the moment, slotting home a 95th-minute winner following Lucas Vázquez’s long-range effort.

This was just the latest illustration of Bellingham’s knack for stepping up in pivotal moments. Real Madrid had won all four of their season-opening games, and their new midfielder was instrumental in nearly all of them.

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Bellingham’s journey with Real Madrid began with a goal on his debut against Athletic Club, followed by two more in a comeback win against Almería, where he turned a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 victory. His third game saw an 81st-minute winner against Celta Vigo that had fans singing his praises. He capped it off with the late heroics against Getafe.

Remarkably, Bellingham became just the fourth player in the 21st century to score in his first four La Liga games, joining the elite company of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Cesc Fàbregas. He also joined Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski as one of three players to score five goals in the competition in just four games this century, with only Radamel Falcao reaching that tally in fewer appearances.

Elsewhere in the realm of impressive statistics Jude Bellingham has averaged a goal every 65 minutes and a goal or assist every 52 minutes. While this remarkable performance might be based on a relatively small sample size and may not be sustained indefinitely, it’s worth noting that during Lionel Messi’s standout season in 2011-12, he boasted a goal or assist every 49 minutes in La Liga, and Ronaldo, during his best La Liga campaign in 2014-15, averaged a goal or assist every 48 minutes. As a point of comparison, last season in the Premier League, Erling Haaland averaged a goal every 77 minutes and a goal or assist every 63 minutes.

La Liga authorities took notice of Bellingham’s outstanding performances, naming him the Player of the Month for August. This recognition set the stage for his home debut at the grand reopening of the Bernabeu.

But what’s the secret to his goal-scoring success, especially for a midfielder?

Box Assassin

One of the standout aspects of Bellingham’s play is his uncanny ability to consistently find the back of the net, even from a primarily midfield position. His innate goal-scoring talent stems from his impeccable timing and intelligent runs into the penalty area, making him a perpetual threat in attack – a rarity for a player in his role. Bellingham moves into narrow pockets of space between opposing defences, allowing him to receive the ball at the most crucial goal-scoring angles.This aspect of Bellingham’s game was vividly displayed in his second goal during Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory against Almeria. He showcased his impeccable timing by expertly anticipating Kroos’ pinpoint cross, sneaking into the penalty box at just the right moment to meet the delivery with precision.

Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has highlighted this ability, emphasizing Jude Bellingham’s potential to compensate for the offensive gap left by Karim Benzema’s departure. Ancelotti confidently stated in a press conference, “He can effortlessly score 15 goals without a problem. He stands out because he moves very well without the ball. This is the main quality of him. He breaks lines, has a great movement, constant, that’s why he scores so many goals.” Ancelotti’s words underscore the significant impact Bellingham has made at Real Madrid.

From Defense To Offense

While his goal-scoring ability is striking, Bellingham isn’t confined to a single dimension of play. His contributions go well beyond putting the ball in the net. Jude Bellingham’s extraordinary versatility and tactical astuteness set him apart as a stellar modern midfielder. His multifaceted skill set allows him to excel in various facets of the game.

Real Madrid veteran Dani Carvajal, in testament to Bellingham’s versatility,, confessed, “I have never seen anyone take to life at Real Madrid as effortlessly as Jude Bellingham. He moves to both sides, he can finish, he uses both legs. You give him the ball and he is able to understand you with a glance with his teammates. This is very important.”

From breaking up opponent attacks with well-timed tackles to initiating his team’s offensive moves, Bellingham possesses a unique ability to effortlessly progress the ball from defense to attack, creating goal-scoring opportunities and orchestrating the flow of the game. He excels in this department, ranking both among the top midfielders in ‘Combined Tackles and Interceptions per 90’, a statistic that measures the rate of a player’s successful defensive efforts – ‘Progressive Actions per 90,’ a statistic that gauges a player’s ability to effectively move the ball forward.

While this exceptional ability undoubtedly enhances his own goal-scoring prowess, as he’s allowed to dribble the ball into prime goal-scoring opportunities in transition when opposing defenses are most vulnerable – it also elevates the overall offensive capabilities of his team. His proficiency in delivering precise, progressive passes into the final third – another facet of his skill set, means that even when he doesn’t find himself in a scoring position, Bellingham’s vision and passing accuracy allow him to set up his teammates effectively, increasing the team’s goal-scoring potential through creative outlets.

One memorable instance of Bellingham’s tactical versatility unfolded during an England World Cup match against Senegal. In a critical moment, he not only thwarted an opponent’s move near his own goal but also quickly transitioned into an attack by delivering a precise pass that led to a goal. Such moments underscore his knack for transforming defensive situations into scoring opportunities.

Real Madrid’s Tactical Triumph

While Jude Bellingham had always demonstrated an elite degree of tactical versatility, it has found new dimensions under Real Madrid’s strategic approach. Real Madrid and manager Carlo Ancelotti’s astute tactics have played a pivotal role in honing Bellingham’s skills, allowing him to seamlessly transition into a goal-scoring machine.

During his stint at Borussia Dortmund, Bellingham was often utilized in a more reserved central midfield role. While he showcased his goal-scoring abilities with 24 goals in 132 appearances in Germany, his role rarely ventured into an attacking midfield position. Under Carlo Ancelotti’s guidance at Real Madrid, however, Bellingham has been granted the freedom to operate in an attacking midfield slot, positioned just behind the formidable duo of Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo. This shift has been instrumental in unlocking Bellingham’s latent goal-scoring potential and enhancing his ability to contribute assists.

The Future Beckons

Through Ancelotti’s decision to explore Bellingham’s attacking qualities, the 20-year-old has evolved into a clinical and composed finisher, capable of delivering in high-pressure situations. This newfound dimension to Bellingham’s game has not only bolstered Real Madrid’s attacking prowess but has also addressed the club’s striking woes.

With the striker position facing challenges, including the absence of Vinicius Jr to injury, and limited options beyond an ageing 33-year-old loanee in Joselu, Bellingham has emerged as a viable solution. Ancelotti’s latest experiment with Bellingham has not only diversified his skill set but has also positioned him as a potential future star-man in a de-facto striker role. This development, combined with the evolving roles of young talents like Rodrygo, Aurelien Tchouameni, Eduardo Camavinga and Vinicius Jr, has injected fresh promise into Real Madrid’s rebuilding phase.

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