2023 ODI World Cup Likely to Start in October

Cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the 2023 ODI World Cup to begin, and details on the tournament have recently been released. According to reports, the event will take place from October 5 to November 19 and will feature ten teams battling it out for the trophy.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will host the tournament. The board shortlisted a dozen venues, with the final to take place at the world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad.

The shortlist includes some of India’s most iconic cricket venues, such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. The BCCI has not yet announced which cities will host the warm-up matches or the other games, but we can expect some exciting clashes across the 46 days.

In total, there will be 48 matches, including three knockout rounds, to determine the winner of the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Issues Behind Scheduling

However, there have been some complications in the lead-up to the tournament. The ICC typically announces World Cup schedules a year in advance, but the monsoon season in India recedes at different times in different regions, making it difficult to plan the tournament’s schedule.

Additionally, the BCCI is waiting for clearance from the Indian government for two key issues. This clearance includes getting a tax exemption for the tournament and visa clearance for the Pakistan team, who have not played in India outside of ICC events since 2013.


Despite these challenges, the BCCI is confident they’ll get the necessary clearance soon. During the ICC’s quarterly meetings in Dubai last weekend, the BCCI promised that the Indian government would clear visas for the Pakistan team.

Why the Issue with Pakistan?

The two nations have a history of conflict, and this is the first time that Pakistan will visit India for a cricket tournament since 2013.
The BCCI and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are currently in a conflict over the hosting of the Asia Cup and India’s participation in the same.

BCCI has made it clear that the Indian team will not travel to Pakistan to play in the tournament, leading to an ongoing dispute. However, BCCI has now opted to play at a neutral venue to avoid the conflict. Still, the tax exemption issue is up in the air.

Tax Details

The BCCI has been “obligated” to help the ICC and all its commercial partners involved in the tournament secure tax waivers since signing a host agreement in 2014.

Last year, India’s tax authorities told the ICC that it would be taxed 20% on its broadcast revenue from the 2023 World Cup.

BCCI told its state associations that any tax paid by the ICC would be deducted from the Indian board’s ICC revenue. BCCI estimated that a 10.92% tax on ICC’s broadcasting income of USD 533.29 million would cost them around USD 58.23 million. If the tax were to be 21.84%, which is what Indian tax authorities want, the cost would more than double to around USD 116.47 million.

Despite these complications, cricket fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the start of the 2023 ODI World Cup. With 10 talented teams vying for the trophy and some of the world’s best players in action, this tournament is going to be a must-watch for any cricket enthusiast.


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