Shakib Al Hasan Absent in Practice Sessions

Shakib Al Hasan is no stranger to cricket, and when he’s in the game, he’s an impressive student of it, always picking up cues on what he needs to work on quickly. It’s one of the reasons why he doesn’t need a lot of practice time. However, the recent Ireland series has given him even more leeway when it comes to practice.

The day before the third ODI, reporters were on the lookout for Shakib during the practice session. However, they were informed that it was an optional session, meaning that players could choose whether or not to attend. Twelve of the fourteen-member squad showed up, and even a day before, it had not been communicated as an optional session. Mushfiqur Rahim was unable to attend due to a family emergency but was due to return the next day.

When asked about the session, team manager Nafees Iqbal said that it was optional and that it depended on the player whether they wanted to attend or not. Shakib was due to arrive that day, having flown in from Sylhet to Dhaka a number of times.


Shakib played in the first ODI but then departed for Dhaka to attend his graduation convocation on Sunday. He returned the same day and played in the second ODI on Monday. However, he departed for Dhaka again on Tuesday to attend a commercial event.

Despite his busy schedule, Shakib’s dedication to cricket remained evident. He was expected to be back with the team by the following night, but it was clear that his passion for the sport made attending practice sessions feel like anything but optional.

Shakib’s commitment to the game has always been admirable, and it’s no surprise that he’s considered one of the best all-rounders in the world. His passion for cricket is evident in everything he does, from his dedication to his practice sessions to his busy schedule of attending commercial events and graduation ceremonies. It’s no wonder that fans and fellow players alike look up to him as a true role model in the world of cricket.


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