T20 World: How Much is at Stake?

Every player aims for gold in any competition, but a monetary prize is always a plus. With the T20 World Cup looming and sixteen teams confirmed, plenty of anticipation is building up for the tournament. Now there is even more at stake with the revelation of the prize money for the winning nations. Exactly how much will winners make at the World Cup? According to the ICC, there will be a total of $5.6 million will be shared among the teams.

For the winning nation, there is $1.6 million for them to bring home. Runner-ups, on the other hand, still have plenty to gain with $800,000 as the confirmed prize money. As for losing semifinalists, they will be earning $400,000. In addition to the prize money, teams can earn $40,000 for every win in the Super 12 phase. If a team did not make it through the Super 12 Phase, they can still earn $40,000 with a first-round win. For those that exit the Super 12 phase, they will gain $70,000.

The world cup will be starting on October 16 and finals are confirmed for November 13 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Some of the teams you can anticipate seeing at the world cup include Ireland, Australia, and Bangladesh.

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