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What’s At Stake for the Semi-Finalists?

The semi-finals are about to begin. With both matches involving a previous World Cup winner going against a potential new champion, it’s anyone’s guess how the matches will turn out.

After their unexpected win against Brazil, Croatia will be aiming high in their match against Argentina at the Lusail Stadium on Wednesday. Especially since there is a chance at winning their first World Cup at stake.

Argentina also has much to gain from winning this match. Having won two previous World Cups and with Lionel Messi playing his last World Cup, the team will be fighting hard for a spot in the finals.

Between the two, Argentina lost one game while Croatia remained undefeated in the entire tournament. Aside from this, Argentina has always made it past the knockout stage. While Croatia has not always made it past the knockout rounds, they have shown an exceptional defense in the tournament so far. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a tough match between the two.

The second semi-final match will be on Thursday at the Al Bayt Stadium. As the current defending champion, France has plenty to prove in the match against Morocco. So far, they have only lost one match in the tournament and proved to be a formidable team even after losing so many key players before the tournament.

Morocco has also showed an impressive winning streak and proved an exceptional defense that France will need to fight through. This will be the first time that Morocco has reached the World Cup semi-finals and they’re sure to fight hard for a chance at the finals.

Who do you think will make it to the finals?



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