India Score a Super Over Win Against Australia

An unexpected occurrence took place in the 2nd Women’s T20I between India and Australia. With both teams scoring 187, the match had to go into a Super Over, which India emerged triumphant.

The last match to have a Super Over in the Women’s T20I was the England vs Australia game back in 2020. There was plenty of excitement over the Super Over as Smriti Mandhana secured India’s win with 13 runs while Renuka Singh Thakur made sure that Australia didn’t end up chasing the target of 21 runs.

India’s Super Over victory sparked plenty of cheer from fans both in the stadium and on social media. Smriti Mandhana, who had been named Player of the Match, also had plenty to say about their victory. - sponsored ad

In one interview, she stated, “Chasing I think everyone in the Indian team enjoys. We also need to work on setting totals though. When they were batting, I realised it was an amazing wicket, I had my eyes on a big score. Didn’t want to make the same mistake as the last innings. Happy to see such wickets prepared for women’s cricket, you’ll get high scores, high run chases. I think this is one of the most entertaining games we’ve all been a part of.”

With the stadium filled with over 40,000 people, there were plenty of fans that celebrated India’s victory. In thanks for their support, the team took a lap of honour.


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