5 Cricketers and their Favourite Football Clubs

5 Cricketers and their Favourite Football Clubs

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Many cricket players share their interests outside of the sport. A few cricketers even shared an interest in other sports like football. Oftentimes you will find football and cricket being connected via players knowing each and even being friends. Aside from this, there are cricket players that root for certain football players and teams.

Some cricket players have shared their favorite football clubs. From Arsenal to Manchester United, several football clubs have been revealed as favorites of different cricket players. These are some of those cricketers:

Kevin Pietersen – Chelsea

Kevin Pietersen is a big fan of Chelsea and isn’t shy about letting people know. During an interview, the famous English cricketer shared that he’s been supporting Chelsea for a long time, has lots of friends there, and even knows some of the players personally. He’s so enthusiastic about Chelsea that he even teased David Beckham when Chelsea won a match against Manchester United. Pietersen is a true-blue Chelsea supporter!

In the cricket world, Pietersen is a former professional cricket player from England who now works as a cricket commentator and conservationist. He played for the England team from 2005 to 2014, batting with his right hand and occasionally bowling off-spin. Pietersen captained the team for a short period too.

Mahela Jayawardena – Manchester United

Mahela Jayawardena is a former cricket player from Sri Lanka, who now works as a consultant coach for the Sri Lanka National Cricket Team and as the Head Coach for the Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians.

He’s also a huge fan of Manchester United when it comes to football. During the World Cup semi-finals, Mahela revealed in an interview that he was anxious about United’s match against Milan AC in the Champions League. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka lost the World Cup 2007 final to Australia, and Manchester United also got knocked out despite beating AC Milan. It was a tough time for Mahela and all the United fans out there.

When Mahela was still a player, he was considered to be one of Sri Lanka’s most successful cricket captains, sharing that honor with Sanath Jayasuriya.


Graeme Smith – Liverpool

The former captain of the South African cricket team is a huge fan of Liverpool FC, the current champions of the UEFA Champions League. He has a special admiration for Liverpool legend, Kenny Dalglish, who he considers his all-time favorite. When speaking about Steven Gerrard, he said that he’s a rare find in modern sports because of his loyalty, pride, and passion for Liverpool. In an interview with, he added that Gerrard’s actions speak louder than words, and he sets an example for everyone around him. Interestingly, Smith is the only one in his family who supports Liverpool, which makes him the black sheep!

During his time as a cricket player, Smith played for his country in all three formats. He became the captain of the national team in 2003, succeeding Shaun Pollock. Smith continued to lead the team in test matches until he retired from the sport in 2014. Today, he works as a cricket commentator and shares his knowledge and expertise with fans around the world.

Rahul Dravid – Arsenal

Rahul Dravid, the head coach of India’s national cricket team, is a die-hard Arsenal fan and he often shows his support for his favorite football club. On one occasion, he was lucky enough to attend a match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the famous Camp Nou stadium.

Dravid described the experience as a huge honor and a dream come true. He was blown away by the electric atmosphere at the stadium and was thrilled to watch players like Messi and Suarez in action. He even went on to call Messi a genius, praising his incredible skills both with and without the ball.

Dravid’s love for sports extends beyond just cricket, and his passion for football shines through whenever he gets the opportunity to witness a match.

Rohit Sharma – Real Madrid

Rohit Sharma is a big fan of Real Madrid and he doesn’t shy away from showing his support for the club on social media. When asked about how he manages to keep up with their games during his busy schedule, he said that he follows Real Madrid and the English Premier League closely. He likes Real Madrid because they play aggressive and smart football.

After his daily routine, he likes to relax by watching some football. He even plays Fantasy League with his friends, which makes the games more exciting. His favorite player is Zinedine Zidane and he also enjoys watching David Beckham and Fernando Torres play. However, he regrets not owning any of their jerseys.

Sharma is recognized as one of the top batsmen of his time and one of the finest opening batters in history. He’s famous for his exceptional timing, graceful shots, remarkable six-hitting talent, and strong leadership qualities on the field.


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