5 Footballers Who Retired in 2022


5 Footballers Who Retired in 2022

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Many football players have had long careers that led to different achievements and memorable moments with their respective teams. Some football players even played the sport for decades and gained plenty of recognition for their work. However, no matter how passionate a player is, there will be a point when they can no longer continue with the sport.

Whenever a footballer retires from the sport, it can happen for different reasons and can be announced when least expected. In the past year, there have been more than a few players that have decided to put up their boots. Here are some players that decided to retire in 2022:

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué, who won the World Cup with Spain in 2010, surprised everyone by announcing his retirement at the age of 35. He decided on a match with Almería on 5 November. Even though he had a contract with his team, Blaugrana, until 2023, Piqué chose to retire because he was facing criticism for his performances both on and off the field.

Throughout his career, Piqué played in 615 matches for the Catalan club and won many awards, including eight LaLiga titles, seven Copa del Reys, six Spanish Super Cups, four Champions Leagues, three European Super Cups, one Club World Cup, and many other trophies.

As a player, he’s widely regarded as one of the best defenders of his time because of his strong tackling skills, ability to handle pressure, and impressive career achievements.

Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere was a real star player at Arsenal, and his skills helped the team achieve great success in the Premier League. One of his most impressive performances was against Barcelona, where he made Xavi and Iniesta – both top-notch Champions League players – look ordinary. Throughout his ten-year stint at Arsenal, he won many awards and accolades.

Wilshere surprised many young players by retiring from professional football after his final match in the Danish league for AG on July 8, 2022. Even though he had achieved so much in his career, it was still sad to see him hang up his boots for good.


Jermain Defoe

Defoe is a real favorite in Sunderland, not just because of the goals he scored but also because he formed a special connection with the community. However, his return to the Stadium of Light in January 2022 didn’t quite go according to plan. Despite only making a few appearances, the 39-year-old striker couldn’t find the back of the net and eventually decided to retire from professional football a bit earlier than planned.

Thankfully, Sunderland managed to make it to the playoffs and get promoted in the end, so everything turned out alright in the end. Even though Defoe’s return didn’t go as expected, he’ll always be remembered as a legend in Sunderland.

Fabian Delph

Fabian Delph’s retirement came as a huge surprise in 2022. The talented player had won the Premier League twice and played 20 times for England, despite being only 32 years old. He showed that he still had plenty of talent left when he joined Frank Lampard’s Everton team towards the end of the last season.

However, Delph had been struggling with injuries for the past three seasons and had only played in 35 league games during that time. Understandably, he decided to call it a day.

On Instagram, Delph announced his retirement with a message of happiness and gratitude for everything the beautiful game had given him. He thanked his family, friends, teammates, and staff from the clubs he played for, as well as the fans who supported him along the way.

John Obi Mikel

Despite being a brilliant player who won Chelsea’s young player of the Year award, Obi Mikel seems to have been forgotten by many Chelsea fans. However, he played a crucial role in Chelsea’s 2011-12 Champions League win and spent ten years with the club, making over 372 appearances.

After leaving Chelsea, Mikel’s career didn’t quite go as expected, and he went somewhat unnoticed by fans. He played in China and Turkey, as well as having spells at Stoke City and Middlesbrough, before finally deciding to retire from professional football.

During his time at Chelsea, Mikel became known as a player who could disrupt the opposition’s attacking play. However, things could have been very different for the Nigerian midfielder if the circumstances had been different.

These are just a few of the notable players that decided to hang up their boots in 2022. While not all of them left the biggest mark, they will be remembered for their skills and impact on the field.


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