5 of the Greatest Cricket Families


5 of the Greatest Cricket Families

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We all know of young rising stars and cricket players who only grow better with each game, but do you know of cricket players who hold history behind them? These are the players who have grown up in a family with prominent cricket players. There are even a few cricket players that play with or against their relatives in the film. Among these players with cricket legacies, there are a few with rather iconic families. These are just a few of the greatest cricket families to know in cricket history:

The Cowdreys

Let me tell you about one of the greatest cricket players of all time, Colin Cowdrey. He was a real trailblazer in the sport – the first person to play in 100 Test matches and the Captain of England for 27 of them.

Colin scored over 7500 runs in Test matches and hit 22 centuries, or “tons” as they’re known in the cricket world. That means he hit the ball really hard and really far, over and over again!

What’s interesting is that Colin’s father Ernest was also a talented cricket player, but only played in one first-class match. Colin was born in Bangalore, India, where his dad played cricket.
Colin had two sons, Chris and Graham. Chris followed in his dad’s footsteps and played for England in Test matches and One Day Internationals.

Graham wasn’t quite at that level, but he was a dependable player for the Kent team for over 10 years. And get this – Chris’s son Fabian is currently playing first-class cricket for Kent too! It’s like cricket greatness runs in the family.

The Headleys

Have you heard of George Headley? He was an amazing cricket player known as the “Black Bradman” because he was so talented with the bat. Even though he only played in 22 Test matches for West Indies, he’s considered one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

George’s son, Ron, was also a pretty good cricket player. He played in many first class matches, but only got to represent West Indies in two Test matches.

And guess what? George’s grandson, Dean, was a fantastic fast bowler who played for England in 15 Test matches! That’s pretty impressive, right? In fact, the Headleys and the Khans are the only families to have three generations of Test players in the cricket world. It’s like cricket greatness runs in the family.


The Chappells

Let’s talk about the Chappell family – they’re a pretty impressive bunch! Ian and Greg were both amazing cricket players and even captained Australia during their careers. Ian played in 75 Test matches, while Greg played in 87.

Greg actually retired at the top of his game, with a spectacular score of 182 in his very last Test innings. He’s one of the few players to have hit a century in both their debut and farewell Test matches – how cool is that?

Even their younger brother Trevor got to play for Australia in three Test matches. But he’s probably most famous for bowling an underarm delivery during a match against New Zealand – and get this, he did it on the orders of his older brother Greg!

But the Chappell cricket greatness doesn’t stop there. Their grandfather, Vic Richardson, was also a cricket player and represented Australia in 19 Test matches. And get this – he’s one of the few players to have represented Australia in both cricket and baseball! It’s like cricket greatness runs in the family.

The Pollocks

Have you heard of the Pollock family? They’re a cricketing family that’s produced some real stars! It all started with Andrew Pollock, who played first class cricket for Orange Free State. His nephews RM Nicholson and CR Nicholson and brother-in-law Robert Howden were also first class cricketers, so it’s safe to say cricket runs in the family.

But it was Andrew’s sons who really made a name for themselves. Graeme Pollock was a fantastic left-handed batsman and although he only played in 23 Test matches, many people consider him one of the best batsmen of all time.

And Graeme’s brother, Peter Pollock, was a leading fast bowler who played in 28 Test matches for South Africa! His son Shaun followed in his dad’s footsteps and became a cricket superstar – he’s played in over 100 Test matches and even captained the team at times. He’s also one of the best allrounders to ever play the game.

But the cricketing talent in the Pollock family doesn’t stop there – Shaun also had two cousins, Anthony and Andrew, who played first class cricket as well.

The Mohammads

The Mohammad family is one of the most famous cricket families in Pakistan. Five brothers played cricket for Pakistan, with the eldest brother Wazir known as Wisden because of his love for cricket trivia. He played 20 Tests and was part of Pakistan’s first-ever Test win over England in England. Wazir’s crucial unbeaten 42 helped Pakistan set a target of 168, which was enough for their star fast bowler Fazal to bowl England out.

Hanif, known as the original Little Master, played 55 Tests for Pakistan and is famous for scoring 337 against West Indies in Bridgetown, which is the longest innings in Test cricket history. Hanif’s son Shoaib and grandson Shehzar also played cricket for Pakistan.

Mushtaq, the most talented of the brothers, played 57 Tests and was a very successful county cricketer in England. He scored over 30,000 first-class runs, took more than 900 wickets, and had 72 centuries to his name. Sadiq was a right-handed batsman who became a left-handed one to increase his chances of selection for Pakistan. He played 41 Tests and scored five centuries.

Incredibly, at least one family member was part of Pakistan’s Test squad for 89 consecutive Tests and for 27 years. Raees, the fifth brother, was even a 12th man in one Test match, and interestingly, his brothers considered him the most stylish batsman among them.


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