Argentina Submits Bid to Host 2023 U20 World Cup


Argentina Submits Bid to Host 2023 U20 World Cup

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Argentina has made a formal bid to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023™ after Indonesia lost its hosting rights for the tournament. This news comes just days after the announcement that Indonesia would no longer be hosting the event, which was met with disappointment from fans worldwide.

However, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has now said that Argentina is in a “pole position” to take over as host of the tournament.

Responses to the Bid

President Infantino praised the Argentinian Football Association’s bid, stating that it was “strong” and that the necessary assurances had been provided by the AFA President, Claudio Tapia, as well as South America’s Ministry of Sport and Tourism, and the Ministry of Commerce.

He also highlighted the speed with which the proposal was organized, saying that it made FIFA’s life a little bit easier.

Aside from this, the FIFA President expressed his confidence in Argentina’s ability to host a competition of this level, saying “we all know Argentine football”.

He also mentioned that other countries had expressed interest in hosting the event, but Argentina’s formal proposal and government guarantees put them in the lead.

FIFA withdrew the hosting rights from Indonesia after the country’s soccer federation canceled the draw due to the governor of Bali’s refusal to host the Israel team.

However, Israel’s Ambassador to Argentina, Eyal Sela, expressed support for Argentina as the host, saying that they “deserve it as world champions” and hoping they can also organize the 2030 World Cup.


Before the Bid

When Indonesia had its hosting rights removed, FIFA immediately began searching for a new host nation and received interest from three countries: Argentina, Peru, and Qatar.

Peru was the first option, with CNN Indonesia reporting that FIFA was already considering holding the tournament in the South American country. Argentina was also a strong contender since they are the only country to submit a formal bid.

Qatar was also considered an option, having recently hosted the 2022 World Cup. However, the high temperatures during May and June in the Gulf nation could have posed a problem for the tournament.

Despite the challenge of organizing the tournament at such short notice, FIFA decided not to postpone the event and worked tirelessly to find a suitable replacement host.

Aftermath of Bid

🚨 FIFA president Gianni Infantino on the U20 World Cup: “Today, Argentina’s candidacy is the only one that has been presented and with guarantees of the government.”

“In two or three days, the FIFA Bureau has to make a decision”. 🇦🇷

— Roy Nemer (@RoyNemer) March 30, 2023

So far, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has confirmed that Argentina is the only country that has presented a candidacy to host the 2023 U20 World Cup. During a conference on Thursday, Infantino said that Argentina’s bid has government guarantees, and FIFA will make a decision soon.

If Argentina is named as the host, the tournament will be played in five stadiums, including the Monumental, the Madre De Ciudades, the Mario Kempes stadium, the Malvinas Argentinas, and either Racing’s stadium or the Único de La Plata.

The tournament is set to begin on May 20, making it highly likely that Argentina will be named as the host nation. However, there are still deliberations and plans to be made before any confirmation.


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