The 10 Best Cricket Shots


The 10 Best Cricket Shots

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There are plenty of cricket games where a player makes an amazing move. Whether it’s a superb short or a cool catch, there are plenty of memorable moves by different players. Over time, there have been many players that have made innovative shots that only a few cricket players can accomplish. Sometimes, these shots end up being a player’s best move. There are even a few shots named after a player. These are some of the best cricket shots that any cricket fan should know:

The ABD Sweep

AB de Villiers is known for his remarkable flexibility and lightning-fast reflexes on the cricket pitch. He can generate incredible power even when he’s on his back foot, hitting the ball out of the ground for a massive six, a skill few players have mastered.

One of De Villiers’ signature moves is his extraordinary sweep shot. He skillfully moves around the crease and shows his stumps to the bowlers, confusing them about his intentions. The bowler sends a full or good-length delivery, and this is when the South African superstar crouches low and sweeps the ball over fine leg or square leg, leaving the fielding team stunned.

Short Arm Jab

The short-arm jab is a powerful shot that requires a lot of arm strength from the batsman. It’s a great shot to have in your arsenal, as it can help you score big even when there isn’t much space to work with. Essentially, it’s a type of slog, but without the big, sweeping bat motion. Despite being a short movement, a well-executed jab can send the ball flying out of the ground. However, there is a downside: the cross-bat swing can lead to easy dismissal. But for those who master this shot, it could lead to innovations and exciting gameplay on the cricket pitch.

Reverse Sweep

Have you ever heard of the reverse sweep? It’s a cricket shot that’s played in the opposite direction of a normal sweep shot. Instead of hitting the ball towards the leg side, it’s hit towards the off-side, either to a backward point or third-man. It’s a shot that’s become very popular in the modern game and is used by many top batters like Eoin Morgan, AB de Villiers, and Glenn Maxwell.

The shot was introduced to the cricketing world by a former Pakistani all-rounder named Mushtaq Mohammad. Since then, it’s become a staple in almost every batter’s arsenal. It’s a tricky shot to play, but when executed well, it can be very effective.

Periscope Shot

The Periscope Shot is a popular cricket shot played by Soumya Sarkar, a Bangladeshi player. It’s considered one of the best innovative cricket shots ever played. Sarkar invented this shot to tackle a swinging ball at rib height, just outside the off-stump. He used his bat to lob the ball over the in-field and hit it over the third-man area. This shot is especially useful during the power-play.


Reverse Ramp Shot

The reverse ramp shot is a very rare shot that has only been played once in cricket. During a Big Bash T20 cricket game, Dan Christian used his creativity to play this shot. The bowler had followed him and bowled a full toss outside off. Instead of playing the usual ramp shot, Christian played a stunning reverse ramp shot by moving to his offside to create some space. It was a brilliant display of quick thinking and innovation that left everyone amazed. Although moments like these can be tough for the bowler, they are a great reminder of the exciting and unpredictable nature of cricket.

Switch Hit

The Switch Hit is a new way of playing cricket. The batter changes its position from right-handed to left-handed, or vice versa, just before the pitcher throws the ball. It needs a lot of power to do it well. It’s like an even fancier version of the reverse sweep. Kevin Pietersen, a former England Captain, made this shot up. He first used it in a test match against Sri Lanka in 2006, while playing against Muttiah Muralitharan. It’s a very hard shot to do, but players like David Warner and Glenn Maxwell have learned how to do it well.

Upper Cut

If you’re a cricket fan, you’ve got to know about the Upper Cut. It’s a shot that can save a batsman’s life when faced with a tricky off-stump bouncer. You position yourself under the ball and hit it over the slips to the third-man boundary. This shot is especially useful when fast bowlers are trying to intimidate you with short deliveries. And if the third-man fielder is inside the ring, even better!
The great Sachin Tendulkar was the one who came up with this amazing shot. You’ve got to see his execution of it against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup – it was a masterclass! Thanks to him, batsmen all over the world have a secret weapon against those pesky shoulder-length balls.

The Marillier Hit

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the early days of cricket. Before T20 and ramp shots, there was a Zimbabwean player named Doug Marillier who came up with an incredible shot. It’s called the Marillier Hit, or the Ramp Shot, and it’s like a scoop shot where the batter flicks the ball over the keeper and fine leg.

Back then, this shot was unheard of, but now it’s almost like a rite of passage for any batter worth their salt. And one player who’s truly mastered the art is England’s, Jos Buttler. You can bet that every time he steps up to the crease, he’s ready to show off his skills with the Ramp Shot.

Paddle Sweep

Let’s talk about the Paddle Sweep. But before that, let’s talk about the regular sweep shot – it’s a cross-batted shot played to a low bouncing and turning ball.

Now, the Paddle Sweep is a bit different. It’s a sweep shot where the bat is held horizontally towards the bowler and the ball is deflected towards the fine leg. This shot is super helpful when facing fast bowlers, as AB de Villiers has shown with his amazing shots behind the wicket.

But the Paddle Sweep is also a go-to shot for players like Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, and Rahul Dravid when facing spinners on turning tracks. It’s a cheeky shot that can throw off the fielding team.

Helicopter Shot

Get ready for the most iconic cricket shot ever – the Helicopter Shot! It’s easily one of the most famous shots in cricket.

Here’s how it works: the Helicopter Shot is all about hitting those tough yorker and full-length deliveries from fast or medium-paced bowlers. The batsman flicks the ball towards the leg side by twisting the bat in an overhead circle. It’s not an easy shot to pull off – it takes a lot of strength and skill. But there’s one player who’s a master of the Helicopter Shot – Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who’s been playing this shot since his early days. When it comes to the Helicopter Shot, Dhoni knows how to hit it out of the park!


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