The 10 Greatest Rivalries in Cricket


The 10 Greatest Rivalries in Cricket

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Rivalries are one of the most common things you can find in any sport. Whether it’s between teams or specific players, there is always a set of well-known rivalries that fans and players are all familiar with. In the cricket world, several rivalries among teams have grown over the years.

Some are more famous than others, and for different fans, the rivalries between these teams are considered some of the greatest in cricket. Different rivalries are formed for a variety of reasons, but only some end up being noted by fans. Here are some of the great cricket rivalries in cricket to know:

India VS Pakistan

India and Pakistan are considered the biggest rivals in cricket, even more so than England and Australia in The Ashes. It’s estimated that around 300 million people watch their matches. This rivalry goes back to 1947 when Pakistan was split from India. Since their first match in 1951, they’ve had some exciting games. Even though there is still tension between the two countries, they put it aside when it comes to cricket, making for an even more thrilling competition.

Sri Lanka VS India

Sri Lanka and India are two fierce cricket rivals that have a long history of intense matches. The competition between them is always anticipated, and the rivalry is only getting stronger. One of the most unforgettable moments was in 2011 when India defeated Sri Lanka in the final of the ICC World Cup. The victory sparked massive celebrations across India but left Sri Lanka heartbroken. This only added to the intensity of the rivalry between the two teams. There’s no doubt that this rivalry will continue to be fierce for many years to come.

West Indies VS India

The West Indies and England have been playing cricket against each other since the early 1900s and have a strong rivalry. Both teams are good at cricket and their matches are always exciting. The West Indies are historically very successful, but England is also a strong team. In their most recent series in 2021, the West Indies won.

India VS Australia

In the past 20-plus years, India and Australia have developed a fierce cricket rivalry, starting with the exciting Test series in 2001, which India won 2-1. Since then, both teams have challenged each other in various forms of cricket.

However, winning a Test series on each other’s home ground has been a challenge, with Australia winning in India in 2004 and India winning their first series in Australia only recently.

Although Australia has historically had a superior record against India, having won a Test series against them in the 1960s, India has improved significantly in all formats of the game. Australia has been dominant against India in World Cups, winning every match against them until India finally won in the 2019 World Cup. This rivalry has become the most intriguing in world cricket due to India’s growth and Australia’s sustained success.


West Indies vs England and Australia

In cricket, the West Indies have had some fierce rivalries with England and Australia. Although they’re not quite the dominant team they were in the 1980s, their history against these two teams is still significant.

One of the earliest great teams in cricket was the West Indies, and their rivalry with Australia began after a 5-1 defeat in the 1975-76 series. However, the Windies quickly turned things around and went on to win the next seven series against Australia, including three victories on Australian soil.

Their rivalry with England started with a controversial comment by Tony Greig, who said that the West Indians would “grovel” if they were down in a series. The West Indies went on to win the series 3-0, and Greig famously pretended to crawl on his hands and knees after the last game of the Oval.

Australia VS England

Australia and England have the oldest rivalry in cricket, having started playing Tests against each other in the late 1800s. Their Test series is called the Ashes, and it’s a big deal for cricket fans around the world. England tends to play conservatively, while Australia has brought modern technology and innovations to the sport.

The two teams have had some exciting matches, especially in 1981 and 2005, which are remembered by fans. Australia dominated the rivalry in the ’90s and early 2000s, but England managed to win a few series later on. They’ve also played against each other in other competitions, like the ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup. The Australia-England rivalry is the most famous one in cricket.

England VS South Africa

England and South Africa have been enjoying a great cricket rivalry since the 1990s when South Africa was allowed to play Test cricket again after a long break. They have had some amazing Test series, like in 1998, 2005, and 2012. The two countries have also played some great matches in white-ball cricket. One of the most memorable matches was the 1992 World Cup semi-final, where England won due to some strange rules.

What makes the Test series between the two countries so exciting is the difference in playing conditions. South Africa’s fast and bouncy tracks provide a sharp contrast to England’s wet and swinging conditions, and both teams find it challenging to adapt to the other’s soil.

Australia VS South Africa

The sports rivalry between South Africa and Australia is intense and not limited to one particular sport. Australia was an intimidating team for many years because of their amazing performance. In 2008-09, the Proteas became the first team to beat Australia at home in 16 years, which only intensified the rivalry between the two nations.

The Aussies drew the return Test series in South Africa in 2011, which was another unforgettable match, with Australia chasing down over 300 runs to win the second Test and level the series. In the latest match, South Africa defeated Australia at home again. They are set to compete against each other once more in South Africa early next year, and it promises to be another thrilling contest.

Australia VS New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have a long-standing rivalry in cricket, and it’s one of the greatest ones out there. They’ve been playing against each other for over a century, and their matches are always exciting to watch.

These two teams compete regularly in test series and one-day internationals, and the anticipation for their matches is always high. In 2021, they played in a five-match T20 series, which was won by New Zealand 3-2. The rivalry between Australia and New Zealand is one of the most well-known in cricket, and fans of both teams are always eager to see them face off.

Bonus Famous Rivalry in the Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India that is played every year between March and May. As one of the most popular and lucrative cricket leagues in the world that’s been running since 2008, it has its share of famous rivalries like this one:

Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings

The Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have a famous rivalry in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Mumbai had a couple of seasons where they weren’t doing well, but things changed when Rohit Sharma became their captain. On the other hand, Chennai has been the most consistent team in the IPL. Whenever these two teams play against each other, there are always some memorable moments.


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