5 Unbroken Records in Football History


5 Unbroken Records in Football History

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There have been many amazing moments in football history. From memorable matches to players showing superb performances, football has many great moments to talk about. Among these many memorable moments are records that continue to hold today.

Unbroken football/soccer records, ranging from impressive goal-scoring feats to enduring unbeaten runs marks as a testament to superb talents and achievements in the sport. It also poses as a challenge to current and future players. The following are some unborken records in football history that continues to to set the bar for players:

Most Minutes Without Conceding a Goal

Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar achieved a remarkable feat in the English Premier League by going 1,311 minutes without conceding a goal for Manchester United during the 2008-09 season. This impressive record includes a remarkable run of 14 consecutive clean sheets. Even to this day, van der Sar’s record remains unbroken and is widely regarded as one of the most challenging milestones for any goalkeeper to surpass.

Most Goals Scored by a Goalkeeper in a Career

While the primary responsibility of a goalkeeper is to prevent goals, Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni showcased exceptional versatility by excelling in both saving and scoring. Remarkably, Ceni amassed an impressive total of 128 goals throughout his career. He accomplished this feat by skillfully converting penalties and free-kicks, often proving to be a valuable asset in the attack.

In fact, during certain seasons, he emerged as one of his team’s top goal scorers. Given the rarity of such a combination, it is highly improbable that this remarkable record will be surpassed anytime soon.

Most Appearances Over a Career

When discussing the record for most appearances over a career, Pele, Romario, and Gerd Muller are often mentioned, but they don’t hold the record. Pele’s official number of appearances is 1,115, not the 1,375 often cited, as it includes exhibition matches and lower-level games.

The true record belongs to goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni, who made a staggering 1,217 appearances throughout his career. Notably, Ceni achieved this feat while playing for a single club, Sao Paulo, from 1992 to 2015. His exceptional loyalty, consistent performance, and remarkable goal-scoring abilities make his record-breaking achievement truly outstanding.


Highest Score in a Match

The match between AS Adema and SO l’Emyrne on October 31, 2002, holds the record for the highest score in club football history. This unique event took place in Madagascar during a tournament to determine the national champion. SO l’Emyrne, upset by unfair refereeing in a previous game that dashed their championship hopes, decided to protest in an unconventional way.

At the start of the match, the SO l’Emyrne players surprisingly passed the ball back into their own goal and deliberately scored. This unexpected tactic left the opposing team astonished, but SO l’Emyrne remained steadfast in their decision. They went on to score an incredible 149 own goals, resulting in an unprecedented final score of 149-0. As a consequence, the SO l’Emyrne manager received a three-year ban, and four players were suspended until the end of the season. This remarkable match has left a lasting mark in football history.

Most Goals by a Player

Pele, an iconic figure in the world of football, holds an extraordinary record of 1,281 career goals. Renowned as one of the greatest players ever, he accomplished this remarkable feat while representing Santos FC, the Brazilian national team, and the New York Cosmos.

Pele’s achievements have set an incredibly high bar that is deemed almost impossible to surpass. Even the closest active player, Lionel Messi, who has impressively netted over 700 goals, still has a considerable distance to cover in order to approach Pele’s monumental record.


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