India Proposes Kabaddi and More for Commonwealth


India Proposes Kabaddi and More for Commonwealth

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The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has requested the inclusion of kabaddi, archery, and wrestling as medal sports in the Commonwealth Games during the two-day Commonwealth Games Federation Asia and Oceania Regional Meet held in Brisbane.

For those unaware, the Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event that takes place every four years, bringing together athletes from countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Games feature various sports, including athletics, swimming, cycling, boxing, and more.

The first Commonwealth Games were held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930, and the event has since grown in size and popularity, attracting thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world. The Games provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level, while also promoting international goodwill and understanding.

Sports Proposed and Their Status

Kabaddi, a sport that has never been a part of the Commonwealth Games schedule, has been a dominant force at the Asian Games, with the Indian kabaddi teams winning several gold and silver medals.

The Indian men’s kabaddi team has won seven gold medals and one bronze, while the women’s team has won two gold medals and one silver at the Asian Games.

Wrestling, which has appeared in four consecutive Commonwealth Games, has been eliminated from the Victoria 2026 Games, and India ranks third all-time in medals in wrestling. Archery, on the other hand, has only been a part of the Commonwealth Games twice, and India ranks second in the all-time medal total with eight medals.


What Else Happened in the Meeting

A very fruitful day at the @thecgf 2023 Asia Ocenia Regional Meet. Wonderful to meet the delegation from fellow member nations, and to discuss the vision that helps us develop sports further in our country. pic.twitter.com/X4IajlR9qc

— P.T. USHA (@PTUshaOfficial) April 23, 2023

In addition to sports proposals, the meeting had discussions on development, a review of regional plans, and the sharing of best practices between delegates. The CEO of Victoria 2026, Jeroen Weimar, attended the meeting, providing an update on the progress of the next Commonwealth Games, which will take place across the State of Victoria in March 2026.

“These meetings are hugely important to us as an organization, both to share our vision for the future and to gain further understanding of how we can support our National Sports Federations in their development,” added Usha. With the inclusion of these sports, India can continue its dominance in the Games and make the country proud on the world stage.

Details on the Commonwealth Games so Far

Commonwealth Games Australia has already revealed the sports schedule for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games, which includes 20 sports and 26 disciplines, including nine fully integrated para-sports. Shooting, India’s strongest sport at the Commonwealth Games, will return in 2026 after being omitted from the 2022 Birmingham Games.

The Indian delegation led by PT Usha met with CGF president Louise Martin and her colleagues to discuss the growth of Indian sports. PT Usha welcomed the steps taken on the return of shooting in the 2026 Victoria Commonwealth Games and sought the intervention of the CGF leadership to make archery, wrestling, and kabaddi a part of the Games competition roster in the future.

The inclusion of these sports in the quadrennial tournament will not only give a chance to Indian athletes to showcase their talent on an international platform but also make the Commonwealth Games more popular among fans of these sports. The addition of kabaddi, archery, and wrestling will bring diversity to the Games and help them grow in popularity.


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